About Us



International trade and commerce drive the world economy and Tiger-Bazaar is where east meets west, primarily acting as an intermediary we introduce Bangladesh to the world. A local firm with truly global aspirations, at Tiger-Bazaar our aim is to enhance international trade and supply of purely Bangladeshi made products. Additionally we are experts at gauging requirements and more, one of our most valuable resource and one that has demand across borders is the export of quality made lifestyle products at prices which enable both hands to make a hefty profit.


And even though the choices are plentiful and growing the process is simple enough. If you are in the market for Bangladeshi made quality products simply register yourself and post details of your buying request from there on end within 24 hours you will receive a number of quotations which you are able to study carefully and choose the one which matches your criteria – furthermore we also offer comparisons and samples you can test and match with others in the market. 


Listing a host of categories from textile goods and accessories to electronics and more the product catalogue is designed to be comparable and compatible with the needs of the global marketplace. Above all as responsible middlemen we ensure that all our offerings are sourced from reliable manufacturers who only deal in top of the line products.


So if you are a business looking to enhance your product offering with only the best get in touch with us to take advantage of the very best prices available. As a local manufacturer or a supplier we help you gain access to the world at large.

Having a measurable effect on the business circumference, Tiger-Bazaar is poised at offering only the best available import/export solutions. Thank you for visiting our website today, the next step is to register online. If you have any further questions or queries get in touch with us today.